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Test Sensitivities using mGEM

Using mGEM, we impose Official macro/budget projections; clients can scenario-test key assumptions impacting their business areas

Online DIY scenarios allow all key exogenous/other inputs can be changed to explore sensitivities of official forecasts. Animated country output charts & Global, geographic map-impacts help understand & visualise scenario impacts.
Alternatively, MEF can produce bespoke/detailed scenarios for clients either from a standard global forecast base or from a tailored forecast base.
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Fund Managers

Quantify Fund Exposure

Log in to explore macro scenario impacts on funds; upload fund details to explore macro-financial feedthoughs & conduct stress-testing

Each quarter, MEF produces several pre-configured scenarios (see previous examples) which cover significant current areas of macro risk at both Global and/or UK levels...
..Fund Managers can then explore/qunatify potential fund risk from key national/global macro risks & threats via the Portfolio interrogation form.
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Industry risks with iGEM

Conduct industrial sector risk analysis using mGEM add-on iGEM; capture sectoral impacts of global shocks maybe from a bespoke base

iGEM allows the feed-through of mGEM global/national shocks to 12 industrial sectors (ISIC Rev. 4) across most/all of the major economies covered by mGEM.
SME managers can (cost-effectively) explore potential trading risk & opportunities in key global/national industry sectors. MEF can also construct SME-specific weighted indices of overall export prospects across all the SME's key export markets. mGEM shocks at a global/national level can then be translated into market-specific impacts for tailored SME risk analysis.
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